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Equine First Aid Courses

All training courses are hands-on with horses who are patient and willing. You'll learn through a combination of PowerPoint, video and real-life scenarios how to handle even the most extreme emergency with confidence and skill. No experience is necessary and you'll never be put 'on the spot'... just tactile learning with horses in a supportive and fun environment. From the newbie to the most seasoned horse person... everyone will learn something new! 

Courses are eligible for equine insurance discounts, EAGALA credits, PATH credits, IAABC credits, AAVT CE credits, Green certificate and Equestrian Canada credits)

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Advance Equine Emergency first aid


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Advanced Emergency Equine first aid, wilderness/remote

Prerequisites are recommended prior to taking advanced courses

Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness course

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Equine Health & Emergency First aid Training

"A one-day hands-on course with horses covering: what your vet needs to know when you call, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking proper vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse, sources of pain and alleviation, spinal health, injury prevention and so much more! All attendees receive a certificate of completion, first aid manual and this course earns you professional development credits with Equestrian Canada as well as equine-related insurance discounts!

(the basic first aid course is recommended prior to taking the advanced course) "

First aid Fundamental course

I can help, horse first aid for kids

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