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Talitha Parker


Talitha Parker is a 23 year old Certified Equine Sport Therapist, CEST and Equi-Health First Aid Instructor, EFAI; servicing the Okanagan Valley,


She grew up in Armstrong on a hay farm with many horses and other farm animals and has been riding ever since. She started riding competitively on a pony she and her coach were training at 9 years old, which led her down the path of training theory and She has had the opportunity to be mentored by many trainers and coaches specializing in Eventing, Hunter/Jumper and Dressage She also has worked with other equine specialized professionals in the Okanagan where she grew up working as a working student, barn manager, professional groom, vet assistant, rehabilitation consult and braider at A rated shows.

Talitha Loves Learning and sharing her knowledge about horses. Her passions now are helping horses and educating people, with her experience working with many different breeds of horses and involvement in different disciplines she offers a well rounded approach to all the horses she works with. 


Her passion of equine rehabilitation and biomechanics, equine learning theory and teaching, gives her an opportunity to give your horse the most value possible during each session. With a deep focus on education and practicality Talitha has continued her education and became an independent contractor with Equi-Health Canada and is certified to teach first aid and disaster planning. 

Talitha takes pride in her continued research to give horses and clients the best experience. she continues to evolve and hone her skills as a well rounded horseperson and develop her skillset as a equine bodyworker with emphasis on improving the life of others. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to be informed horse people, and that her history with horses is her reason for pursuit of revolutionizing and modernizing the industry. Due to her strong beliefs of equine welfare, behaviour and openness to other training philosophies to help horses as an individual. Talitha is furthering her studies to become a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC and is looking into furthering her education in Equine Rehabilitation. 

"Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the humility to listen." -unknown

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