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Reccomended Books

Here is a list of books I reccomend reading, these cover topics of equine welfare, biomechanical functions, equine therapy, rehab strategies, rider, training theory and much more!

*Please keep in mind that while these are books I enjoyed reading myself and I believe provide value and the different opinions are great but it does not mean I agree with the entirety of the contents of these nor always agree with there methods in conclusion. Point is this is a wonderful gallery with a wealth of knowledge from all walks of life and i hope you can enjoy them as much as I do!*

Equine Welfare & Management

Science of Equine Biomechanics and Equine Therapies 

Riding & Training Theories and Ideologies 

Documents & Downloads

If you are interested in more information about sicence based research, studies, pdf files and articles, please click the link! I continue to add more books and documents all the time so keep on eye out for new updates!

Rider Psychology, physiology & Modalities